Kitchen Aid KDTE254ESS 39dB Dishwasher Review

Product Name:KDTE254ESS
Brand:Kitchen Aid
Model Info:KDTE254ESS
Features:Removable 3rd Rack 6 Wash Cycles / 5 Options ProScrub And Pro Wash Options Dimensions (WHD): 23 7/8" X 33 1/2 - 34 1/2" X 24 3/4"
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With its host of features that are not overwhelming as well as the positive praise it has received from users, the Kitchen Aid KDTE254ESS has emerged as one of the best dishwashers on the market at the moment. A lot of buyers have expressed their satisfaction with how this dishwasher clean and dry dishes. We brought you this Kitchen Aid KDTE254ESS review to enlighten you more about this dishwasher so that you can make an informed purchase decision.

Usability and Dishwasher Review of Kitchen Aid KDTE254ESS 39dB


The Kitchen Aid KDTE254ESS is easy to use with its digital control buttons fitted on the front side of this generator. Their layout makes it easy to add wash options and wash cycle. It has a third rack which adds rooms for odd-shaped and long utensils. It also an adjustable upper rack that allows accommodation of larger utensils.

It has 6 wash cycles with five cleaning options; this ensures that you have enough options to clean virtually every utensils. The 3rd rack can be removed to allow accommodation of larger utensils in the upper rack. The third rack is meant to accommodate long and flat utensils.


The KitchenAid KDTE254ESS comes with ProWash cycle that optimizes and simplifies cleaning. This machine determines the ideal wash settings by detecting load size and soil level. For tougher cleaning jobs such as baked-on foods, you can activate the ProScrub option which opens up 40 spray jets. The jets work effectively thereby removing the most stubborn messes

A heated dry air helps in rinsing and drying the dishes leaving them sparkling clean. Users of this dishwasher has applauded the cleaning results they get from Kitchen Aid KDTE254ESS.


This unit has a sturdy concentration both on its exterior and interior; a major reason it runs quietly. You cannot hear it running; although you’ll hear occasional gurgle sound of water. Its stainless steel color blends well in both modern and conventional kitchen designs. You can get them in either black or white color.

Here is a glimpse of the features of Kitchen Aid KDTE254ESS;

– Helps in eliminating soaking with its 40 targeted spray jets when ProScrub option is activated. This helps in removing stubborn messes like baked-on and seared foods.

– The third rack makes it possible and easier to clean odd-shaped items such as serving utensils, spatula, and measuring cups. This helps to free up space in the other two racks.

– This dishwasher is able to determine the ideal wash cycle based on the load size and soil level; it makes real-time adjustments to achieve optimal cleaning performance.

– It has eco-friendly drying option to ensure utensils come out sparkling clean.71n-KoUQA5L._SL1000_

– It creates an easy, premium feeling when pulling out the lower and upper racks, particularly when they have heavy loads.

– The upper rack provide extra room to hold wine glasses, additional cups, and odd-shaped items such as spatulas.

– Provides exceptional cleaning and drying.

– It also quickly and effortlessly handles stubborn soils and baked-on foods in less time.

The Bottom Line

The Kitchen Aid KDTE254ESS has been termed as one of the best dishwashers in the market at the moment. It boast a host of features and has an easy to use control panel. If you are looking for an upgrade from your older dishwasher version or you want to buy a dishwasher, the Kitchen Aid KDTE254ESS is the right choice for you.

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