Kitchen Aid KDTE104ESS Dishwasher Review

Product Name:Kitchen Aid KDTE104ESS KDTE104ESS 46dB Stainless Dishwasher with Hidden Controls & Stainless Tub
Model Info:KDTE104ESS
Features:Stainless Steel Tall Tub Design With Nylon Racks 6 Wash Cycles / 5 Options ProWash Cycle Dimensions (WHD): 23 7/8" X 33 1/2 - 34 1/2" X 24 3/4"
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Kitchen Aid KDTE104ESS is one of the few dishwashers that have been receiving massive praises from its users. Being a
budget-conscious model, you expected this unit to sacrifice either its features
or cleaning ability because of its low price as compared to other units with
similar features. But on the contrary, it has stood out by guaranteeing thorough
cleaning of utensils. If you are interested in knowing more about Kitchen Aid
KDTE104ESS dishwasher, then here our detailed review.

Design and Usability Kitchen Aid KDTE104ESS Dishwasher Review


The KDTE104ESS dishwasher design fits well in any kitchen as nothing on its body protrudes into your operating space. It
has touch-sensitive buttons that are located on its front face. Its tug opening
method makes it lines up perfectly with your kitchen cabinetry. Its stainless
steel body makes it unobtrusive thereby matching with both modern and
traditional kitchen designs. The satin-textured bar handles eliminate the
continuous straight lines giving an industrial touch to this appliance. Its
simplified design makes it phenomenal

The control panel illuminates white light indicators
and features single button selection for wash options and cycles. The upper
rack is height adjustable to give room for larger dishes and cookware to fit.


This is the first thing virtually every person looks at when buying a dishwasher and KDTE104ESS dishwasher didn’t fail
in this one. This dishwasher performs as advertised sensing soil level and
loads size to tailor its cycle settings. It effectively cleans dishes with its
normal cycle option. With six wash cycles, KDTE104ESS dishwasher gives you
enough options to clean virtually all types of utensils. It cleans the toughest
of the stains and food particle using highly pressurized water.


The warranty information on the KDTE104ESS dishwasher website claims that the dishwasher’s warranty includes a limited
warranty on labor and parts during the first year, followed by a 2-5 year warranty
on the electronic control and nylon dish racks with labor excluded. However,
you need to read and understand the warranty information, including the
exclusion before buying this dishwasher.

In summary, the primary features of KDTE104ESS dishwasher includes;

– KDTE104ESS dishwasher has six wash cycles including light, normal ProWash, express wash, tough, and rinse
only. With five wash options such as sanitizing rinse and high-temperature
wash, this dishwasher is capable of cleaning heavily soiled dishes. However, it
lacks a hard-food disposer feature.

– It employs eco-friendly drying options and wash cycles. The ProWash cycle determines the cycle to be used
based on the load size and the amount of soil on your dishes. This option saves
both water and energy. The dishwasher has several drying options including fan,
air dry, and heated. It also has Energy Star certification.

– Additional features such as adjustable racks, fold-down tines, and other convenience options make this
dishwasher simple to run. The KDTE104ESS dishwasher has delay-start option to
enable you to set your dishwasher to run at a specific set time.

– This dishwasher runs quietly, and noise test rated it 46 decibels; this means you can barely hear it when
it’s cleaning the dishes. The stainless steel interior also works to insulate
the noise. It has a manual filter and spray arms.

The Verdict

The KDTE104ESS dishwasher has several
options and wash cycles to help you effectively clean your dishes. With
fold-down tines and adjustable upper rack, this dishwasher will definitely do a
good job.

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