GE Cafe Dishwasher CDT835SSJSS

Product Name:GE Cafe 24" Stainless Steel Built-In Dishwasher
Model Info:CDT835SSJSS
Features:Stainless Steel Tall Tub Design With Nylon Racks 16 Place Settings 5 Wash Cycles / 10 Options Dimensions (WHD): 23 3/4" X 34" X 24"
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Ever wished your dishwasher had a couple of71UmpdcIuYL._SL1000_
settings as your DSLR camera? The Ge Cafe dishwasher tries to make that a
reality by having 16 place settings. This dishwasher lets you change the
temperature of the rinse and the intensity of the spray jets so as to give your
dishes a clean and sparkling wash. We compiled a detailed review of Ge
stainless steel dishwasher to help you decide whether this dishwasher is the
right appliance for you or not.

Energy Efficiency of GE Cafe Dishwasher CDT835SSJSS

The Ge Cafe dishwasher does extremely well
in terms of saving energy. It has a very short run time for a normal cycle. In
fact, it has the shortest run time for a normal cycle when compared to its
close competitors. You can make it run longer by altering the settings to71IrodreG8L._SL1000_
ensure that you get a thorough cleaning for all the dishes loaded inside it.
This help in saving significant cash on your energy bills.

The unit has been certified by the
Environmental Protection Agency and has an Energy Star certification. Besides,
it offers an option for air drying and has a specific eco-friendly cycle. All
these features combine to save your energy and ensure efficient cleaning of
your dishes.

Cleaning Options

The Ge Cafe dishwasher has five wash cycles
with ten different options to choose from. This gives you options to find the
cycle that suits the cleaning task at hand at any given moment. If you select717RgGN-H6L._SL1000_
the AutoSense cycle on Ge stainless steel dishwasher, you’ll get an infinite
number of cycles because the run time is adjusted based on the amount of soil
in the water. Once the water surpasses the sensor, the unit cycles
automatically come to an end. This comes in handy when you are washing dishes
that has no heavy loads of food remains as it will ensure you don’t waste
energy cleaning dishes that are already clean. The Ge Cafe dishwasher also
comes with a steam pre-wash option, a rare feature that makes this dishwasher
stands out from its competitors.

Design and Dimensions

It might not be the quietest dishwasher,
but it’s at the top when it comes to rating how quiet it runs. If you are71-dz2bu2hL._SL1000_
replacing an older unit, this dishwasher will be a massive improvement in terms
of noise reduction. It comes only in one color- stainless steel, which might
limit the choices for those who prefer other colors. It measures 23 3/4″ X 34″ X 24″.


You can set
the dishwasher to start its cycles at a specified time. For instance, if your
municipality offers cheap electricity past midnight, or you just want to plan
your unloading times, you can set this dishwasher around your schedule. The
child lock feature ensures you’ll get to keep the settings even when it’s
interfered with.

Load Flexibility

The Ge Cafe dishwasher has 16 place settings which are great for
business purposes of large household needs. It will also work fine for smaller
households as well because you can choose only to use the top rack. It is
water-efficient to help you save on water bills. The racks are adjustable to
help you accommodate odd-shaped and oversized items. The Ge stainless steel
dishwasher has a third rack which can be nice for cleaning large utensils.

In a nutshell, here are the major features
of Ge Cafe dishwasher;

-It has five wash cycles giving
you several cleaning options71cY8Np5CHL._SL1000_

-It cleans efficiently without
leaving behind food particles

-Ge Cafe dishwasher has adjustable
top rack to ensure cleaning of large utensils

-It comes in a stylish design
and reflective stainless steel body.

-Has an Energy Star

The Final Verdict

The Ge Cafe dishwasher is practical the
perfect dishwasher for those who are looking for a convenient and proven unit.
It comes with a one year warranty that covers everything including labor. It’s
both water and energy efficient and will ensure all your dishes are thoroughly
cleaned. Purchase your unit today.

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