EdgeStar Built-In 18 Inch Dishwasher Reviews

Product Name:The EdgeStar 18 Inch Built-In Dishwasher
Model Info:BIDW18SS-1
Voltage:120 volt
Features:Built-In, Stainless-Steel
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The EdgeStar Dishwasher 18-Inch Built-In is a great item for the price. It has an 18- inch width and so, it fits well in small space. Better yet, the interior of this EdgeStar dishwasher is large enough to accommodate eight place settings. If you need to switch from an older appliance to a modern one, this dishwasher will serve your intended purpose perfectly, and it works great.


edgestar dishwasher

1. Six Wash Cycle

With ease, you can choose among the six different wash cycles; these includes, glass, light, normal, heavy, speed, and rinse. It is up to you to decide the particular wash cycle that will make your dishes thoroughly clean.

2. Eight Place Settings Capacity

EdgeStar dishwasher is built to ease your cleaning job as you don’t have to worry about cleaning up loads of dishes. It accommodates up to 8-place settings hence can house lots of dishes. Just because the EdgeStar 18 Inch Built-In Dishwasher is small does it mean that it only houses a few dishes, and that’s what makes this dishwasher really exceptional from the others.

3. Stainless Steel

The EdgeStar dishwasher has a stainless steel exterior that has a lot of advantages, one of those being the great ease to clean since you just have to wipe it. Secondly, it is rust resistant and adds that modern and attractive appearance to your kitchen.

4. EdgeStar Rating

The edge star dishwashers are popularly known for their great efficiency when it comes to energy, similarly to many other EdgeStar dishwashers that you’ve come across. If you intend to cut down on your energy bill, then there’s absolutely no doubt that the EdgeStar 18 Inch Built-In Dishwasher will make it up to you.

5. Washing Phase Indicator Light

The indicator lights on this dishwasher make it much simpler to know the phase you’re washing in as the light will clearly indicate the wash cycle the machine is operating in.

6. 18 Inches Wide

A dishwasher with an 18-inch width will surely be the best buy because it occupies very little space in your home. Better yet, its size doesn’t limit its interior capacity. Therefore, despite it being small in size, it can hold loads of dishes in one wash cycle.


edgestar dishwasher

– The EdgeStar dishwasher will add that modern and beautiful touch to your kitchen mainly because of its exterior stainless steel which makes it incredibly attractive.

– It has an easy installation, and you only do the installation once. You cannot move it from one place to another as it is inbuilt.

– It is user-friendly. All the controls are easy to control and understand. Operating and using this dishwasher is one of the simplest things you’ll ever do.

– The dishwasher doesn’t make noise when operating. It runs very quietly.

– It gets your dishes thoroughly clean while using little energy. The dishwasher has the best interior features that ensure no spot is left on your dishes.

The cons

– It takes some time for the dishes to clean up, so you have to be patient if you want to wash multiple times.

– It is short for those who with relatively larger kitchen. However, others see it as an advantage.


The EdgeStar 18 Inch Built-In Dishwasher has received an energy star rating thanks to it being energy efficient. Therefore, if you’re an energy-conscious individual, you’ll appreciate this kitchen appliance. It is an ideal choice for those with a limited kitchen space.

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