Bosch 800 Series Fully Integrated Dishwasher Reviews

Product Name:Bosch 800 Series SHX68T55UC Fully Integrated Built-in Dishwasher 24" in Stainless Steel
Model Info:SHX68T55UC
Voltage:120 volts
Features:44 dB Noise, Limited warranty, entire appliance, parts and labor (1 year)
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The Bosch 800 series dishwasher fully integrated is not just a regular dishwasher; it has modern and advanced features that you’ll find helpful and useful in your kitchen. It has received lots of positive reviews thanks to its different wash options, a deep tub, an ultra-quiet operation, and technical specs which makes it top class.

The Features of Bosch 800 Series Dishwasher

Full-size stainless steel

bosch 800 series dishwasher

This dishwasher has a full-size stainless steel appliance that has been designed to fit perfectly into any section of your kitchen cabinetry. The bar handles make this dishwasher amazingly easy to operate. The Bosch 800 series dishwasher has a design that makes the opening of the latching door easy for loading and also removing the cleaned dishes is a breeze.

Rack Options

The Bosch dishwasher comes with a third rack option that makes it very easy to load the dishes into the tine. The rack options have unique V-shape, which provides enough space for the large utensils. It is one of the few dishwashers that have gained a massive appreciation for their ingenious use of internal space. This reduces the time it takes to complete a cleaning cycle.

Touch Control Technology

This Bosch dishwasher features additional responsive controls. This allows one to select an appropriate washing option; one that suits your timetable or needs.

RackMatic System

The RackMatic system makes it possible for the top rack to be adjusted in one step, even when it’s already loaded. This system can be adjusted to provide a maximum of 9 rack positions.

AquaStop Leak Protection

The Bosch 800 Series Dishwasher minimizes water spills and leaks thanks to its highly responsive sensors. Due to this innovative sensor system, the dishwasher operations are immediately stopped and water is spilled out to prevent further complications.

Quiet Operations

It is rated at 44 dBA, making it one of the quietest kitchen appliances available today. The Infolight feature notifies you when the appliance is running.

Wash Cycles

bosch 800 series dishwasher

The Bosch 800 Series Dishwasher has six distinct wash cycles. The heavy cycle works well when you want to clean very dirty dishes that has dried-on foods or stains. The auto wash cycle is fitted with a highly soil-sensitive technology that’s ideal for handling utensils of different kinds.

The rinse cycle rinses some parts of the soil if you want to wait for more dishes to load so as to run a full cycle.


The Bosch 800 Series SHX68T55UC is Energy Star certified making it an efficient machine for water and electricity usage.

Self-Latching Door

The self-latching door offers ample room for the convenient operation of this kitchen appliance as it stays open until you complete adding the dishes or offloading the dishwasher. At the angle of less than twenty degrees, it’ll shut automatically.

The Pros of Bosch 800 Series Dishwasher

– It operates quietly

– The 3rd rack option gives it more space.

– The Infolight technology notifies you when the cycle is completing

The Cons

The dishwasher can be difficult to fit in the large pans. You need to follow the manual very well to learn the best way to fit it in extra-large pans.


No single dishwasher can suit the needs of everyone. However, the Bosch 800 series dishwasher is well-balanced and boasts incredible washing capabilities.

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