The Frigidaire 18 Inch Dishwasher Reviews

Product Name:The Frigidaire 18-inch Dishwasher
Model Info:FFBD1821MS
Voltage:120 volt
Features:Stainless Steel, built-in, Free 10yr Warranty on Major Components
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The Frigidaire 18 inch Dishwasher is undoubtedly a great addition to every home. Being 18 inches wide, you can be sure it will take a minimum space in your small kitchen. It may appear like a small size, but it’s actually a perfect replacement for the older appliances judging by its effectiveness and attractive appearance. There has been overwhelming 18 inch dishwasher reviews and we decided to carry out a comprehensive review of the product.


18 inch dishwasher reviews

The top rated dishwasher saves on energy and is extremely efficient. Its interior is made of stainless steel which not makes it attractive to the eye but also durable. Stainless steel is also germ proof which makes it even a better dishwasher.

It has multi-cycle cleaning options to suit your different cleaning needs such as posts and pans, rinse only, energy save and light wash. Besides, when time is not on your side, you can apply the quick rinse option.

Unlike other dishwashers, the Frigidaire 18” Built-In Dishwasher makes no noise thanks to the Ultra-quiet III sound package that limits the noise to the lowest level possible.

You can also schedule the dishwasher to run depending on your timing as the appliance is installed with a delay start which helps you to set a cleaning operation at a later time. You don’t have to clean the dishwater often because it contains a self-cleaning filter which is removable.

The Energy Star exceeds the set federal guidelines for energy efficiency to save your money. Your dishes are safely placed on the deluxe nylon coated racks as well as the upper shelf cup rack. The upper rack is 8 inches tall while the lower is 10 inches tall to ensure that it take up most of your kitchen space.

The China/Crystal cycle ensures a gentle cleaning action by reducing the wash pressure by not less than 30% to ensure that you clean the most delicate stemware without breakages.

It also has a silverware basket to ensure that all the cutlery and utensils are held in place. It has Ready-Select controls which are even made easier by the touch of a button.

The rinse aid indicator light signals to you when you’re required to fill the rinse aid compartment to prevent time and energy wastage. Additionally, the control lock feature prevents any accidental operation with the dishwasher.

The heated dry option ensures that the dishes are only stored when completely dry at the end of each washing cycle.

The Frigidaire 18” Built-In Dishwasher is easy to fit in your kitchen with its dimensions being 34”H x 18”W x 23”D. It has a neat design with a spacious interior which allows numerous adjustments to allow you to wash any size of dishes.

18 inch dishwasher reviews

The energy plus cycle in the dishwasher is an eco-friendly cycle that uses the minimum power without compromising its cleaning ability and performance.

In addition, you can access the rack space from the front to load and unload the dishwasher quickly. It’s unnecessary to control or operate mechanisms with a lot of force. You just need to use a single hand in your operations.

It includes two spray arms for complete cleaning and automatic dispensers to hold the detergents and rinsing agents.


The Frigidaire 18 inch dishwasher reviews stands out of the crowd with its straightforward user interface and compactness. Its durable construction by Frigidaire, a renowned American company, makes it even an excellent product. There has been a lot of positive 18 inch dishwasher reviews which shows that most customers prefer the product.

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