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Buying dishwashers can be a daunting task as there are a lot of brands and types of dishwashers. However, knowing what to look for and why you need a dishwasher will help you in choosing one that suits your needs. Here is a dishwasher buying guide to help you choose the best dishwashers for your needs.
dishwasher buying guide
The one thing that people dread in cooking is the aftermath. The stack of plates and pots lying in the sink not only intimidates you but makes you hate cooking. However, owning a portable dishwasher can alleviate all your troubles and bring in an array of benefits.

Here are some reasons as to why you should consider having the best dishwasher in your kitchen.

1. It saves time and effort

Washing kitchen appliances and utensils is a tiresome and annoying job that takes a considerable amount of your time and energy. Rather than leaving appliances to pile up in the sink waiting for you to find the perfect time to wash them, why not let a machine take care of that? Dishwashers are swift and easy to operate, and even your kids can load or unload it. A dishwasher can save you 30 minutes of your time which you can spend doing something else that you love.

2. It saves energy and water

Unlike hand washing which requires several liters of water for cleaning and rinsing, the dishwasher uses less water for a complete load. If its source of water is a cold water pipe, it heats the needed water to precise temperatures without wasting any energy

3. It cleans tough stains and does a thorough job on hard-to-reach areas

Scraping hardened cheese off the bottom of the plates is troublesome and can make cooking less enjoyable. However, armed with their high internal pressure jets, dishwashers have the capacity to clean your utensils and leave them sparkles. The best thing is that dishwashers clean not only your plates but also other items that are hard to clean such as wine and beer glasses as well as baby bottles.

4. It is more hygienic than hand washing

Cleaning materials such as old sponges and wash pads are number one habitat for salmonella and E. coli-Bacteria that cause food poisoning. Unlike hand washing which can only use detergents to wipe out dirt, dishwashers go a notch higher to eliminate all disease-causing germs using hot water. Other models such as Borsch dishwashers have hygiene plus option; a cleaning function that ensures maximum safety by killing 99% bacteria. It achieves this by rinsing the utensils at a higher temperature of up to 70 degrees Celsius.

5. Dishwashers save your skin

Continuous washing of dishes using your hands leaves your skin rough and dry. Having a dishwasher not only keeps your skin but also protects your hands. You no longer have to worry about scrubbing stubborn stains or gripping greasy dishes both of which stress your nails. It is most likely that during dish washing to drop a knife or a bowl causing injury or destroying this precious appliance. However, when you acquire the best-rated dishwasher; you will never have to face such incidences.

6. A dishwasher adds value to your home

A dishwasher lets your stack of dirty dishes out of sight giving your kitchen a clean and attractive look. When renting or selling your house, the presence of dishwasher makes your place look elegantly expensive thus provides you with the leverage you deserve.

Don’t grapple with stacks of utensils in your sink just because you are not ready to wash them. Get yourself a top-rated dishwasher and revamp your cooking life.

Having known the reasons you need a dishwasher in your modern kitchen, you can now consider the things to look for. It doesn’t matter whether you are buying best Bosch dishwasher or any other type, you have to consider these factors.
dishwasher buying guide

Dishwashers have become an integral part of any modern household especially now that there are a plethora of utensils used in the kitchen. Like any other essential accessories such as a refrigerator, oven, and toaster, a dishwasher is a machine that is worth your money. However, finding the best dishwasher is a daunting task which needs to factor in some crucial aspects.

Here are some of the important things you should consider.

1. Size

It is important that you consider the capacity of the dishwashers. They come in three standard sizes which are full size, slimline and compact. Take into consideration the number of your household utensils, the number of people in a household and your eating habits. The full-size dishwasher has the highest capacity and is relatively energy efficient. The slimline is a little lighter and less deep than the full-size washer but can take more utensils than the compact machine, the lowest trim that is much shorter and designed to fit on counter rooms.

The compact dishwashers are the more common. They are convenient since you don’t have to bend to load utensils. If you have many appliances and enough space, go for the high-end washer that can clean up to 116 utensils at a time, but if you have few utensils and little space, the lower capacity compact dishwasher is the best choice.

2. Wash Cycles

Washers are embodied with various underlying cycles that are standard, light and pans &pots. Go for the dishwasher that has multiple wash cycles so that you can alternate cleaning levels according to the dirt on the dishes. Always check for washers with energy-saving or light cycle setting. The settings can save you money by reducing the time taken when cleaning your dishes and also the amount of water and energy consumption.

3. Energy Efficiency

Dishwashers come with stickers that show power and water consumption. It doesn’t matter whether they are best rated dishwashers or portable dishwashers, they have to be energy efficient. Larger machines are more efficient than the smaller models as long as they are used when full. Check for the following when purchasing your dishwasher;

• Water consumption per standard cycle, in liters

• Energy consumption per standard cycle, in kWh and,

• How loud the machine is, in decibels.

Compact and slimline dishwashers are not that efficient, but they have a competitive edge of having a strong scrubbing brush that can thoroughly get rid of marigolds and the like.

4. Design

Since having a dishwasher is the coolest thing right now, many designs have hit the market. The most common are the stainless steel dishwashers which have been around for years. They also come in different colors with white and black being the most popular.

Dishwashers can be fitted with a tailored front panel to blend with the design of your kitchen cabinets. The new best-rated dishwashers come with a single door that eliminates the bottom panel for dirt trap creating a clean and attractive look. There is no perfect design when it comes to dishwashers, but it is wise to go with the most recent design in the market.

5. Filters

It makes no sense to have a dishwasher and then spend 20 minutes of your time scrubbing leftover food off your utensils before you load them into the machine so that you don’t clog the filters. It is thus convenient to buy dishwashers with inbuilt filters and food disposal units if you want to bypass the hand washing part.

6. Lifespan

It is wrong to think that appliances have an eternal lifespan; they are built and designed with accessories that have an expected minimum time of failure. It estimated that cheaper models last around three to five years since they are made of lower quality parts. Mid-level models lifespan is averaged for ten years while the more expensive models that are made of high-quality components last fifteen times longer than, the cheaper ones. This, however, doesn’t insinuate that they cost fifteen times more.

Check manufacturers guarantee as an indication of confidence in the components workmanship. Durable machines may have guarantees that go to five years while most cheap ones have one that applies to 1-2 years.

7. Price

Even though higher price doesn’t necessarily mean top-quality, go for models that are not overly or lowly priced. When you get the perfect design that fits your preferences and budget, you can now worry about installation costs. If you are replacing an old washer, check for a company that does the job at a discount.

There is no such thing as a right dishwasher as it entirely depends on individual needs and preferences but equipped with this information, you can confidently select the right one that will save you money over time. There are various types of dishwasher that you can choose from. Remember this is dishwasher buying guide and thus we will try and cover up all the things about dishwashers. Here are some of types of dishwashers.


dishwasher buying guide

Dishwashers are a tremendous convenience in any household and not only in time-saving but also in the sense that they allow you to sanitize your dishes thus reducing risks of illness. However, before you go out shopping for best-rated dishwashers, it is imperative that you understand the various types available and installation constraints associated with each type.

These are the kinds of Dishwashers in the market.

1. Built-in Standard dishwasher

These are the typical dishwashers that are fixed on permanent space in your kitchen. They require a plumbing installation to the home’s waterworks and come with detailed instruction for each model. Currently, they are available in stainless steel that can blend perfectly with your kitchen cabinetry. They are not preferable for renters.

2. Drawer dishwashers

These are exemplary unique dishwashers that can fit inside your sink. They offer great convenience as they have double drawers that can be operated simultaneously or independently. They are also energy efficient, use less water and handle small loads quickly.

3. Portable dishwashers

These are perfect for apartment dwellers or those who always relocate. They require no special plumbing besides having the correct faucet adapter and can be placed almost everywhere in your kitchen. Some of them come in a counter-top version that hooks up to the faucet and resembles a microwave.

4. Compact dishwashers

These types of dishwashers are not considered the best since they are relatively small and perfectly suitable for apartment living individuals with fewer utensils. They have features similar to those of standard models but are relatively smaller. They can hold up to eight place capacity settings.

5. Bosch dishwashers

These are fairy all rounded washers that come with vast cycle and wash options. They come with more advanced features than the rest and are incredibly energy efficient. The best Bosch dishwasher comes with six wash cycles, a sanitation option, and an impressive warranty. It also has up to 15 place settings and can fit a lot of dishes into a single load.

Dishes are proving to be very economical to purchase and are more energy efficient to use. Now that you have a detailed list of the various types of dishwashers available in the market, it is up to you to select the one that resonates well with your needs.

Now that you know the factors to consider when choosing a dishwasher and the various types of dishwashers, you now need to know how to care for your dishwasher. Here are some of the tips on how to care for your dishwasher.


Just like any other machine, a dishwasher needs to be maintained and catered for to maintain its efficiency and make sure that it is in its prime conditions. Whether you are dealing with best-rated dishwashers or the portable ones, there is some basic maintenance that needs to be carried out.

This is how you need to care and maintain your dishwasher

1. Clean the dishwasher’s filter.

To prevent clogging of food substances in the filters, make sure you clean your portable dishwasher weekly. The delicate inner filters can be cleaned using a soft brush while the outer protective metal can be rinsed using a stream of hot water.

2. Dishwasher sprays arms

Spray arms are very useful in the dishwasher. If they are blocked, they can lead to unsatisfactory washing. You should remove the spray arms every six months, unblock any blocked holes and rinse them under tap water.

3. Switch the cycles

It becomes a habit to run the same cycles continuously when using a dishwasher. What we don’t know is that this isn’t the best choice for our best-rated dishwashers. Constant use of the same cycle can lead to building up of hard-water deposits on the spray arms and jets. Switching cycles can keep preventing hard water deposits from accumulating in the dishwasher.

4. Clean dishwasher door seals

If food substances stick on the door rim, they can perish the seals which can in turn cause leakage. It is advisable to wipe the rims and seals regularly using a damp cloth to ensure that your best-rated dishwasher is free of any leakages.

5. Top up rinse aid and dishwasher salt

All dishwashers including the best Bosch dishwasher need to be topped with salt to soften the water and stop lime scale from building up. Rinse will dry the dishes without streaking. Most dishwashers come with an indicator that shows you when you need to top up the two items.

Other than the maintenance named above, you should also make sure that you only use detergents that are specifically for a dishwasher, load sharp knives with handles up and never wash things like air cleaner, paint brushes, and furnace filters.

There it is, the ultimate dishwasher buying guide. We hope to have exhausted all the major aspects of the dishwashers that you needed to know. We always use this criteria when analyzing and reviewing the best dishwashers and the best-rated dishwashers in the market.